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Free Counter-Strike 1.6 Download (Cs 1.6 free version, cs dl)
[Image: p1_2386510_7be64aae.jpg]

Counter-Strike is a Half-Life modification came out in early 1999's. It was very popular game since the day of the first release. It's developed to play LAN or Internet. Many professional teams started to making competetives with each others. Back then there was mIRC or other chat channels and chat rooms where teams or any players were able to coloborate in match game, play Clan Match (CM) or Gather (GTH, something like Mix - random players). It is still very popular game (CS 1.6) and many players playing it in Internet. There are vary of gamemodes like: Zombie mod (Zombie Plague, Biohazard, Zombie Infection), Public (it is classic mod), Surf, Gungame (GG,TGG - Team Gungame), Catch Mod, Blood Hunt, Hide'n'Seek (HNS), War3ft, CSDM (DeathMatch - respawn after death), Jailbreak (Prisoners vs Guards), Deathrun (CT must reach last checkpoint to kill the Terrorist which is controlling all the struggles around the map). Today most played gamemodes is Zombie and Global Offensive (Global Offensive mod idea came from the 2012 released game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and by some of the server admins this idea was launched to life).

This counter-strike (cs, cs 1.6) version suggests you:
  • Features:
  • File size: ~200MB
  • This Counter Strike 1.6 client is newest version with all updates.
  • Included CS 1.6 Download masterserver
  • Included latest CS 1.6 bots (CPU players)
  • Removed ads and half-life files
  • CS 1.6 files protected from slowhack (autoconnect,gamemenu change,loading banner change etc)
  • CS 1.6 configuration optimized to highest fps and lowest ping. This game version is optimized for the highest frames per second (fps) for best gameplay quality
  • Have fully working server’s browser(findservers)
  • This client is fully optimized for the higest fps, rates and other things, who need’s to play for best gameplay quality
  • Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Client
>>> CS 1.6 Setup.exe Press here <<<

[Image: torrent-download.png]

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